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“All is Welcome” in Love

Today, like it or not, we all have love on the brain. Today is Valentine’s Day and this is (like love) inescapable. Here at the opticnerve™ studios, everyone is happy to be alive or putting on a good show of it.  Everyone smiles and steps lightly and the dogs behave themselves. The weather is warm and the wind is high.  A young man named Moose started today.  He going to bring five live lobsters home with him when he leaves work.

As the optic staff balanced budgets and created graphics and juggled Fresca cans and conference calls and editing software and bubble wrap they thought of a love story they could give you. Consider it a valentine:

Around twelve years ago Jon Kane and cinematographer Russell Lee Fine had just begun their road trip across America to “pluck stories from the air” for a documentary short.  It was 90 degrees on an isolated stretch of road in Vicksburg, Mississippi, and when Jon and Russell passed a store that looked so unusual that they decided to stop for a drink.

They entered a building filled with oddities, none of which seemed to be for sale.  There was, however, an ancient cooler with four glass bottles of Coca-Cola.  Margaret, the women you will soon meet below, came out of a back room eating her lunch.  Sensing a good story, Jon and Russell decided to wait there with her until her husband came home.

The Reverend screeched up the gravel drive in what might have been a battered Cadillac DeVille and exited the car cursing.  But he lit up when Margaret introduced him to their visitors and the cameras, who then began to shoot the first footage for Fellow Americans.

Jon doesn’t know what the Reverend was saluting up there at the top of his tower, but Margaret said he saluted like that every day.  Nobody but the Reverend knows what he is paying his tribute to, but, whatever it is, it is bound to be a deeply strange and profoundly mysterious phenomenon.