Which Picture is Worth a Thousand Words?

We have been silent for the past two weeks– but we have been busy.  (Making a masterpiece is hard work.) After climbing mountains of garbage and shooting a Gambian model; entertaining hypnotists, Coney Island performers, and holy men; paying a crowd of people to get drunk on a Bushwick soundstage; and giving manicures to bongo players and goldfish crackers to children, it’s hard to know where to begin.

That’s why we’re leaving the decision up to you.

Each of these photos is a door into a story.




Which door would you like to open?

Some doors have better pictures behind them, some doors have better words.

Voting will close on Tuesday, after which one door will swing open.


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13 responses to “Which Picture is Worth a Thousand Words?

  • Don Calame

    Can I vote more than once?

    • ez

      From different computers…

      Which one did you vote for? Or is that private…

      • Don Calame

        I voted for the one where they’re painting a smiley face on top of the baby’s head.

        Or maybe it was the one where they’re removing toxic mold from the moist theatre walls.

        I can’t remember. Both were intriguing.

        • kkeb

          I always have a hard time picking, wondering what I will miss…

          Just got back from NYC theatre, so #3 caught my attention…

          Love elements of photography in #2, as an artistic pic, I am interested…

          #1 made me wonder what was going through the minds of each person in the room… from spread eagle to the conversation in the corner… made me feel as one does when passing an intriguing moment, you don’t want to stare, yet can’t stop yourself from watching…

          Looking forward to your next post. xo

  • meg

    That’s really hard. I want to see behind all three! All three pictures are so intriguing, normal and yet not. Which of course caused my mind to leap into overdrive, spinning out imagined stories of what was going on.

    All three. That’s my vote.

    Of course I’ll go back and click on something, because of course I won’t be able to resist having a say, a vote, being part of the poll.

  • ez

    breaking news: photograph one has been censored. door one will remain locked until further notice!

  • Mark Z.

    I voted for #3. Ok maybe it was the most obvious, I thought. Number 1 to me was a bit too blank…despite the big “CENSORED” to make you wonder. Yet that got most votes. And sorry to be negative, but isn’t giving Goldfish crackers to children a bad idea? (read the ingredients in that stuff). So are Bugles by the way.

  • ez

    On Thursday the writer was unexpectedly called to the Bronx Zoo. Door Three will open on Friday.

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